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Fan Mail

To IGSW News:

I LOVE the current issue (IGSW News, May–June 2012). Is it available in a PDF form so I can print out the whole thing? Thank you.

Linda Lacke
Senior Project Manager
MGH Patient Care Services Administration
Boston, Mass.

Editor's note: PDFs of the e-newsletter from the March–April 2012 issue onwards, and the online version of all back issues, are available on the Past Issues page at

Aging and Disability

To IGSW News:

The combination [of aging and disability] is a great mistake ("DHHS Combines Aging and Disability Agencies," IGSW News, May–June 2012). The thrust of services to the elderly should be on preventing disability as far as possible and providing necessary services as appropriate. We should not assume that most elderly people are frail and disabled.

Howard A. Palley
Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Fellow,
Institute for Human Services Policy
School of Social Work
University of Maryland

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