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From the Director

Thank you, Scott

For Pioneering Work in Behalf of Older Adults,
People with Disabilities, Service Providers

By Bronwyn Keefe

Sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet. This column is both, because we are announcing the upcoming retirement of our longtime director, colleague, and friend, Scott Miyake Geron (pictured at right), who is retiring from BU at the end of this semester. We'll miss Scott's pioneering vision, his creativity, and his companionship. At the same time, we are excited to hear about his future endeavors, many of which will continue to focus on the well-being of older adults and people with disabilities.

Scott is the founding director of CADER, which began as the Institute for Geriatric Social Work (IGSW). In 2002, The Atlantic Philanthropies was looking for solutions to a major societal challenge: The rapidly aging U.S. population, the resulting unprecedented need for services and care, and a woefully inadequate supply of social workers and other social service professionals trained to provide them. Atlantic Philanthropies asked Scott to develop a program that would create effective ways to meet that training need. IGSW/CADER was the result.

Since then, with Scott as director, IGSW/CADER has become a national leader in that endeavor. From our strong roots at Boston University's School of Social Work, CADER provides high-quality, standardized education and training for those who work with older adults and, for the past eight years, people with disabilities.

Ours is a powerful model: CADER courses are designed to address the necessary competencies that workers need to be effective in areas such as case management and behavioral health. Working with a team of leading experts, practitioners, and content designers, we ensure that the courses convey the latest in knowledge and practice using the best online technology and teaching.

Through partnerships with national organizations and state and local agencies, CADER brings this model to practitioners where they work. Since our founding, thousands of practitioners—from almost every state—have benefitted from our programs. We now have worked with leaders in more than 20 states and over 400 local agencies from around the United States.

Scott brought his achievements in research and related practice, his knowledge of the aging field, and his belief that one of the most important ways to impact the lives of older adults and people with disabilities is through developing a skilled and well-prepared workforce. CADER now has a strong foundation to build upon and continue our mission. Thank you, Scott. We'll miss you.

Bronwyn Keefe, Ph.D., is interim director of CADER and research assistant professor, School of Social Work, Boston University.

Photo courtesy of Scott Miyake Geron

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